Flat Handle Paper Bag


Product Name
Flat Handle Paper Bag

Product Description
Environmentally friendly flat handle paper bags produced with a wide range of paper and color options are one of the most preferred bag types for the companies thanks to their convenience in terms of paper bag prices and elegant designs.
Product Details
  • Flat handle paper bags deliver the information of the brand to the masses with printing options.
  • It is advantageous as a storage area since they takes up less space than twisted handle bags.
  • Affordable flat handle paper bags are also preferred by world-famous brands, especially by the retail - food companies.



There are 70, 90,100 ve 110 paper weight options in straight handle paper bags that can be produced from brown and white kraft paper. In the glossy paper options of these bags, the paper weight is determined as 100 and 120 gr. The dimensions of the paper bags with bellows from 8 cm to 25 cm vary according to the customer requests and the size of the bellows. Maximum and Minimum Dimensions Width: 18 - 46 cm Height: 23 - 71 cm Bellows: 8 - 25 cm.

Flat Handle Paper Bag