Textile Boxes


Product Name
Textile Boxes

Product Description
In box production, the type and gsm of paper used varies according to the properties of the product put into it. Size, number of colors, lamination type are prepared according to customer requests.
Product Details
  • Up to 10 colors printing capability and 7 offset printing machines (42 printing units).
  • Production park consisting of 2,000 tons/month of capacity and 13 machines per month.
  • Keeping cardboard stocks according to customer requests.
  • As a printing house having the FSC® certificate, we assume this responsibility in all our production processes.
  • Providing color consistance by Heidelberg Prinect Image Control System
  • Providing model and graphic service 
  • They can be preferred for underwear, socks, cardboard labels, gift, home textiles, baby textiles, scarves, etc.



Boxes can be designed and produced in the desired size, shape and feature. The box shapes we produce are side gluing, bottom gluing, American lock, 6 point glued boxes. Cellophane lamination application  is performed, and this application increases the durability of packages, papers and cardboards in the range of 200 - 450 grams, protects from moisture and maintains hygiene in the food boxes and gives elegance to the product coated according to its types. We can make your packaging product more attractive by performing applications such as foil, embossing, embossed, local lacquer applications.

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