CD / DVD Envelope


Product Name
CD / DVD Envelope

Product Description
They are the envelopes with or without windows prepared to prevent damage to the CDs you want to send and to provide ease of transportation.
Product Details
  • CDs and DVDs you send will be protected from damage and the data contained in them will be preserved for many years thanks to the CD/DVD envelope.
  • The window size is fixed in CD / DVD envelopes that have the options with window and without window.
  • Envelopes used by all types of industries are among the indispensable choices of offices.



If CD/DVD envelopes prepared in 125x125 mm dimensions are to be produced with windows, the window size is 10 cm in diameter. The number of printing colors and printing types of affordable CD/DVD envelopes made of paper pulp may vary upon request.

CD / DVD Envelope