Passenger Transport List/Ticket


Product Name
Passenger Transport List/Ticket

Product Description
We provide services in all areas of transportation, tourism and entertainment sectors. It is the card given to passengers on flights, train and bus journeys. The card contains the information of the passenger. They are used for entrance to museums, concerts and casinos.
We also make passenger lists for the transport industry. The passenger list is a document showing the numbers of seats and seating plans in intercity bus companies.
Product Details
  • Tickets are produced from 80 gr - 200 gr thermal paper.
  • 7-year guarantee from the date of manufacture
  • Conforms to TSE standards
  • Use of indelible, quality and FSC certified papers 
  • Passenger lists are made from otocopy and woodfree
  • The passenger list includes the date of the day of travel, departure time, vehicle plate number and destination information.
  • Passenger lists are arranged in 2 copies. One copy of this list is kept in the vehicle until the end of the voyage and the other copy is kept at the workplace.


They can be made in the sizes given by the customer. They are produced from thermal paper for tickets, woodfree and otocopy paper in passenger lists.

Passenger Transport List/Ticket